Monday, November 20, 2017

Holiday Madness Week 8...

How much fun would this be to knit for your dolls?  I love The Christmas Collection by Debonair Designs! 
This Etsy offered PDF download comes with so many variations. I love this cape!
Learn more by clicking here for the Etsy listing. Happy Knitting! 

Sunday, November 19, 2017

New My Life As Looks A Madelon's Fun Find...

Today Madelon shares some recent items she found in her local Walmart's my life as section. Some fun looks to keep your eyes out for! Younger doll lovers will find this set easy to love!

I think this est will appeal to our tween set and I love the purple!
This one reminds me of something Julie might wear from AG...

The layered skirt and asymmetrical zip on the coat is a neat addition. The color is also fun.
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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Blessedly Stressed Saturday

The cold and flu season is officially here in WNY.  Our entire house is sniffling and coughing.  There are drippy noses everywhere I look and crying babies with rosy cheeks.  The bright side is, they are just colds, and soon will pass.  More good news is the snuggles are much snugglier and longer when the babies are not feeling well.  Pink eye may or may not be on the horizon, as it appears as if they have “pushed the cold” into their eye… AKA wiping buggies all over their face during the night.  The doctors will give them a once over tomorrow.

Generally, at this point in the holiday season I have the majority of our Christmas gifts bought, some stashed, some wrapped.  Well, I have a whole lot of nothing going on in that department.  I have been so busy with making doll bathrooms for Christmas gifts it is crazy.  I just purchased over $200.00 worth of doll tubs yesterday.  I am beyond busy, well beyond what I ever would have anticipated as a “holiday rush”.  I am SO glad I got all my non-profit pieces wrapped up before this or I would need to make some type of clone to keep all these shenanigans afloat.   I have everything from a beach theme bathroom set to unicorns.  I will post pictures of the beach theme – keep in mind I haven’t started the tub yet – but that needs some seashell stenciling and needs to be painted.  I just ran out of hours, that’s all.  My favorite part is the decorating – love to see an idea of someone’s come to life. 

Thanksgiving is just around the corner!  So hard to believe.  We celebrate at my Father in Laws, I’m just responsible for making macaroni and cheese.  I can handle that for sure.  As long as I have my sister-in law brings her dressing. 
I need to get my shopping on for sure!  Amazon here I come.  I am more of the online price comparison shopper.  But – I also enjoy making and repurposing items for gifts.  Get your craft on!  Be kind! And have a safe and Happy Holiday!

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Friday, November 17, 2017

A Look Back At One Of My Most Favorite Barbies....

One Barbie I loved that I wish I still have was Western Barbie. I remember how excited I was to get her one Christmas I think it was 1981. I also remember the way her plastic hat smelled and felt. It was so amazing to me that this doll winked!
This was pretty state of the art at the time and I remember the feel of that white suit too! This was a doll that had a lot of play in my collection.

I passed most of my Barbie stuff down to my sisters through the years so this one is long gone but I have the wonderful memories of this one.

We hope that you enjoyed this week's series on the dolls and toys we used to love!
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Thursday, November 16, 2017

A Look Back At Jessica T's Favorite Toys

Today Jessica T shares one of her favorite toys and I have to say, I am in awe of this, never had it myself was pony obsessed and would have loved this!
"This was one of the childhood toys I wish I still had. I do have spike somewhere"
Spike is the little dragon seen on the box front! 
I wish you still had this too, I would have loved to come over and play this with you as well Jessica T! 
Thank you for joining us today and looking back at what Jessica T loved growing up...
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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

A Look Back At One of Madelon's favorite toys...

Today Madelon shares a favorite Barbie memory with us!

"When I was young, I started loving Barbie and puzzles. I found this image of a Skipper and Skooter puzzle that I did over and over again. The picture still looks lovely today."

"I got it a few years after it came out."

Madelon is always so kind to send me so many wonderful ideas, posts and fun finds, but I am truly excited to see this! I love vintage Barbie finds and how very cool to see Skipper and Skooter together! 
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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Throwback Series To The Toys We Loved- Brandy's Baby Doll

Today Brandy shares her most favorite childhood doll with all of us...
Baby doll "My favorite “baby” was a 20 inch doll by Berjusa. I think these dolls are called LaBaby and the company has now changed its name to Berenguer. I named this doll Rachel and I carried her everywhere. I have no idea how old I was when I got her…sometime in the 1980s…I just always remember her being there. Love her so much. I gave her to my own daughters to cherish….of course I made sure they were old enough not to destroy her. Lol."

Thank you Brandy for sharing your favorite toys and memories with all of us.

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